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KBC – Foundation for sustainable development

KBC – Leading enterprise in real estate

Since the establishment, KinhBac City Development Holding Corporation has always occupied the key role in business. The featured competitive advantage of KBC is the combination between Industrial park and Service Urban area. This unique idea not only gathers the economic value for the nation, the corporation but also performs the deep social value. Moreover, KBC’s Industrial parks and Service urban areas are always the convenient area in all aspects: Located in the favorable location of transport, near the seaport, airport….Focusing all the potentialities, advantages and experience, in the recent years, the leading projects of real estate in Vietnam under the management of KBC as: Que Vo Industrial park – Bac Ninh; Trang Cat Urban area – Hai Phong; Complex of Office, Commercial Centrel; Six-Star Hotel – My Dinh – Ha Noi are the competition dream of other real estate enterprises. Currently, KBC is the leading enterprise in Vietnam which attracts massively the foreign investment source (FDI), mostly the attraction on hi-tech investment (CNC) from the huge international group such as: Canon; Foxconn, Mitac, Panasonic, Sanyo, Wintek, UMEC, Tenma, Mitsui, VS, Sentec, Toyo Ink, Yamato Industries. The product of Canon and Foxconn manufactured in Que Vo Industrial park of KBC is assessed as the most hi-tech products in Vietnam by the Government of Vietnam.

Through 10 years of establishment and development, the leaders and employees of KinhBac City Development Holding Corporation (KBC) have striven and completed successfully the business task. With such achievements, KBC is acknowledged by the Party, State, Ministries, domestic and foreign organizations with the awards: Third-Class Labor Medal, Business Star for the Most Successful Enterprise on Integration in 2007; One of 23 Asean Enterprises received “Asean Enterprise 2010” Award”, Top 10 Vietnam Golden Star 2009, Top 100 in 2010; Commercial and Service Award; Golden Globe 2008 – 2009; Vietnam Star 2008 – 2009; Top 20 Vietnam Securities brand; National brand 2010… In particular, with many outstanding achievements in emulation movement, KBC is the first enterprise receiving 7 times in a row the Emulation Flag from the Government (2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010). Recently, KBC is proudly chosen by the Government as one of 43 national brands.

The unpredictable matter that the success of KBC today is achieved within 10 years of operation and the initial capital of 20 billions Vietnam dong, originating from the development on industrial park. Sharing with the press and shareholders, Chairman of KBC – Mr. Dang Thanh Tam confirmed that “ We must overcome all the challenges to transform the pristine and poor land in geological areas into industrial parks and urban areas which are filled by the hi-tech factories”.

KBC – Business tied up with social activities

In many last years, along with the strategy of business development, KBC always is the positive enterprise in the social and community activities with the annual budget of up to tens of billions Vietnam dong. KBC has been rewarded the Medal of “Vietnam Humanity” for the positive activities of supporting the victim of Agent Orange.

As the leading enterprise in the field of real estate, KinhBac City Development Holding Corporation has its operation with the guideline of :”The benefit of customer is paramount; The benefit of labor is concerned; The benefit of shareholder is focused; Effective contribution to the community development”.

In addition to positive participation to the social and charitable activities, KBC always concerns to the health and living of labor, participate positively and contribute to construct the hospital, clinic, school. In the last years, KinhBac City Development Holding Corporation is always among the leading enterprises fulfilling the obligation of State budget and taking care of the living for labor. Promoting the spirit of previous years, in 2010 particularly, the amount of support and social activities of KinhBac City Development Holding Corporation is up to 15 billions Vietnam dong.

In the near prospect, the massive projects in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city are the projects confirming the position of KBC in the field of real estate business and social activities in Vietnam. The most distinctive feature of KBC is the stable development strategy with the planning prepaired for 10 years to 20 years, which has not been implemented by any enterprises in Vietnam. With the quantity of Industrial park, Urban area, massive real estate project under its management, KBC believes to have the sufficient resource to develop massively in the next 10 years, especially to catch the rhythm of post-crisis growth cycle.






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